TechnoAware researches and develops technologies, products and solutions for video analysis and ambient awareness.


Founded in 2003, TechnoAware stems from the experience and expertise of the University of Genoa’s ISIP40 Research Group, for more than 30 years and today one of the foremost experts worldwide in video analysis.


TechnoAware refers to system integrators, installers and solution providers, by offering

–  Proprietary products

–  Study and development of custom solutions for specific requirements

–  Joint R&D activities


Made up entirely of expert researchers and technicians, TechnoAware’s offer is based on

–  The largest and most complete video analysis offer in the market, with 24 functions available

–  The most advanced video analysis algorithms in the market

–  Continuous R&D investments – always up to date with the state of the art

–  Integrated with all the major VMS and camera market leaders

–  Hardware independent products

–  Availability of server-based and edge-based products

–  Products off-the-shelf, but customizable by project if needed

–  Presence in 125 Countries, with 50+ Commercial Partners and 18 international offices

–  Efficient and always available technical and commercial support, in 8 languages

–  Certification Program for System Integrators

–  Aggressive pricing policy along the channel

–  Strict and clear selling structure and marketing